With some support, Hussain knows he can inspire others to tackle post-traumatic stress. Positive change agents like Hussain are invaluable for Iraq’s future prosperity.

September 2017 Family data:  
Name Relation to applicant Age Occupation Income
Jaber Radhi Father Died in 2011 after he was involved in an awful car accident
Sondos Jabar Niema’a Mother 48 Unemployed IRD 250,000.00 p.m.
Hussain Jaber Radhi Applicant 18 Student  
Alya Jaber Radhi Sibling 14 Student  
Asma Jaber Radhi Sibling 10 Student IRD 50,000.00 (LFCT)
  Hussain lost his father in 2011 after he was involved in an awful car accident one seemingly normal day. For the family, the only solace is in the fact they know the father, and cousin, who was also in the car at the time, were killed instantly. Unfortunately, they weren’t the only people in the car. Hussain’s mother and sisters were also in the car and although they survived, all had terrible injuries to cope with amidst learning of the death of the other family members. Hussain’s mother fractured her skull and spent six months in a coma, his sister Alya broke her hip bone and his other sister Asma went blind for two months.   Hussain’s mother did not learn about the death of her husband until after she came out of the coma. This caused considerable additional trauma for the family. All member of the household were affected, including those who came in to assist and care for the children. Hussain was only 11 at the time and has struggled with post-traumatic stress from seeing the effect on his family, especially his mother. Hussain sometimes reflects of the past and feels very low with notions of guilt for what happened. He knows he was only a young a boy and could have done nothing to prevent it, and he hopes one day to turn his negative feelings into something positive.   Hussain would love to study at University and try a career than will enable him to coach others – the many others in his society that suffer from post-traumatic stress. He is not sure how he will do this exactly, but thinks the media will be a good avenue for this. He would like to study this in University to become a positive agent in his community. The LFCT is seeking sponsors to support Hussain with £50 per month to finish his studies in school and enrol in University. Please get in touch today if you can support Hussain. Thank you.    Signed by Ms Hawraa JASSIM, LFCT Volunteer, Karbala, Iraq