Passionate student Doctor Mohammed needs your assistance to continue his studies and “help poor people and provide them with the medical assistance they need”

September 2017

Family data:

Name Relation to applicant Age Occupation Income
Majed Father 54 Teacher $400.00
Souhaila Mother 51 No occupation $0.00
Mohammed Applicant 22 No occupation $0.00
Nedal Sibling 27 No occupation $0.00
Ahmed Sibling 25 No occupation $0.00
Enas Sibling 24 No occupation $0.00
Tamer Sibling 20 No occupation $0.00
Hekmat Grandmother 74 No occupation $0.00
Raghda Aunt 36 No occupation $0.00

“In my childhood, I always dreamed of becoming a doctor and until today I am dreaming of the day I become an accomplished doctor. I will help poor people and provide them with the medical assistance they need. I will be a good person in the community and will reflect this through my behavior towards people and my country.

Mohamemd Deeb is applying to the LFCT for assistance to study medicine at Al Azhar University. He is a 4th grade student and is appealing to the LCFT for financial support for 1915 Jordanian Dinnar / GB £2,020.00 – the cost of the fees.

Mohammed told the LFCT, “I can see myself in the future helping all the people as I learned from the great foundation LFCT in helping all over the world. I will help them as much as I can and will be an effective member in the community and will work with the great sense of humanity which I learned from LFCT.”

 “My graduation will never be completed without your very kind help and I will never be able to complete my education and realize my dream without your support. You are the light which gives me the hope to be a doctor which is the dream of my life.  When I graduate, I will do my best to elevate the name of LFCT in all places. I will help poor people as LFCT helped me when I needed help.

Due to the recent war, our house was destroyed. My father had to borrow a lot of money from friends and relatives to partially re-build the house. My father is unable to pay back the borrowed money due to limited income which cannot even cover our basic needs as a family. My mother has severe hypertension and have many of medications she has to take, in addition to a stroke in her leg, cardiac problems that need admission to hospital and provision of medication.” Mohammed told us that this costs money that the family cannot really afford. This additional strain means Mohammed’s family also cannot afford to pay for his semester fees.

Are you able to assist hardworking and dedicated Mohammed to finish his 4th year of University and help others as he so passionately demonstrates? Thank you.