From outstanding achievers to those children trying their very hardest. The LFCT brings you a report of ten Saadah Orphan students we are supporting to finish vital years of their education

September 2017   DEAR LFCT Donors, please donate generously towards this noble project In October 2016, the LFCT supported ten Sada Orphans with US$ 540.00 each in order for them to pay for essential school and university semester fees and supplies. This grant was paid in instalments and students have just taken examinations and are awaiting their results. All the students and their families are happy with the grants and they send the LFCT supporters their salaams and dua. Here we share an update on their progress this year. The students were made aware that upon receiving the grant from the FCT that they must get grades that average 75% or above to continue getting support. The LFCT’s local partner will talk through any problems that are causing the children to achieve lower grades, but this target was set to encourage children to stay in school for as long as possible: –      Banin Khuthur Mohammed: Banin is number one in her school with an average of 94%. Her mother and family are very proud of her. Banin said, “the grant helped me a lot for getting this degree, and to make my dream of being pharmacist is easy, the grant helped me to cover all my needs from stationary to books. I couldn’t have asked for this funding from my mother because I know she simply does not have it and I know her financial suffering”.  –         Ameer Abdul Zahra Majid: Ameer passed through the 2nd semester with very good marks achieved an average of 81% for the first semester and 825 for the second. Ameer and his mother are very thankful for LFCT for this support. Ameer said, “the grant assisted me a lot for my studying. Previously I was thinking how to take money from my mother and I know her situation. When the grant comes, I feel very happy it can pay my needs.” Ameer dreams of going into military collage and becoming an officer to protect the holy shrines in Iraq for as the war will continue in Iraq.  –         Nabaa Muthana Jaafer: Nabaa achieved an average of 81% for the 1st semester and 82% for the 2nd semester. Nabaa and her family are happy from the bottom of their hearts for the LFCT assistance. Nabaa said, “the grant bears a lot of expenses that my mother was suffering to pay. My dream is to be a doctor and inshallah I will get it if the grant will continue”. Nabaa through the coming educational year will be in the Sixth intermediate school which it is the year that will determine her future and getting into collage. The second part of this report below covers the students who have had an initial discussion about the potential of stopping the grant if they do not achieve above 75% or show their willingness to achieve higher grades: –         Ayat Ali Mohammed: Ayat is in the college of Law in the third class. Ayat said, “if I am not in the programme I couldn’t cover all of my needs. It is still two years until I will finish my study. I hope LFCT will be able to continue supporting me through my studying”. Ayat had got married recently and she informed her husband about the grant and her continuing with her study. He didn’t have objection on these issues also felt happy. Ayat said that the responsibility upon her at home now is bigger and this is what has reduced her grades slightly. –         Ahmed Majid Ahmed: Ahmed achieved a 73% average in his first semester this year but an unfortunate car accident meant he failed three of his exams in the second semester as he could not attend the exam.  Ahmed said “the grant very helpful to me by covering my needs especially transportation and stationary”. Ahmed is in the sixth intermediate class but has failed this class for the above reasons.  He will need to retake this year. –          Fatima Kathum Ridha: Fatima passed the first and second semesters in the fifth intermediate class and now is in sixth intermediate class. Inshallah next year she will be at college. The current average Fatima has achieved is 67%. Fatima has already had time to discuss with the LFCT any problems for lower achievement than expected.  Fatima said “my dream is getting into the college of Law and I am wishing to continue with the grant from the LFCT. So far the LFCT has helped me a lot, especially covering all the needs of my studying. I tried my best to get the average of 75% and above but I pushed myself as hard as I culd I will continue to keep striving for the best marks.” –          Saif Riadh Nishan: Saif is in the first class of college (English Language department) in Baghdad. Saif finished his first semester with average of 64%. During this semester he faced a problem of the high cost of expenses in Baghdad and the traveling weekly leaving his mother and two sisters in the house. Because of this, Saif decided to leave his exams of the final and shift to another university in Kerbala for the next year. Currently, Saif is still in the same class and is working on shifting to Kerbala University. February 2018 will be Saif’s last instalment of the grant to know if he will continue with project or not. –          Zainab Ali Aziz: Zainab is at college (English department / Kerbalaa University). This year she passed exams with average of 58% for the first semester and 62% for the second semester. These averages made her have two discussion warnings and the last chance for Zainab will be February 2018 by when we will have to stop the grant payments if she shows no sign of willing to work harder. Zainab commented about the grant saying “I am very happy with the grant and it is very helpful to me as it covers every need for my collage stationary, transportation and even joining additional classes from time to time. I am sorry for my bad average and I will try to get the required average in the next semester” –          Mohammed Sahib Salman: Mohammed is in the sixth intermediate class and passed last year with an average of 71% for the first semester and 68% for the second semester. Mohammed mentioned that the grant helped him, instrumentally, to continue with passing his exams and having this average. Mohammed said he will do his best in the coming semester to show high marks and continue with the project. –          Mohammed Mahmud: Mohammed has not achieved a good average for the last two semesters. He barely passed the exams of the first and second semesters with 51% and 52% averages, respectively.  Mohammed mentioned that the grant helped him with his school needs especially transportation because the school is far from his house, about 3KM. Mohammed said “I am sorry for these marks and I will do my best for the coming semester”. Signed by: Mr Alaa M Najjar, LFCT Project Manager, Karbala, Iraq